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Michael Ridgeway

The Resurrection of Jesus Matters

“The gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” Romans 1:16 (ESV)

Praying for Fish

When a daughter’s prayer challenges a father’s heart

God at the Center

Phil and Heather Joel have a conversation about God’s plan and purposes for their marriage. Topics include good communication, overcoming busyness and the biblical roles of the husband and wife.

Love as a Lifestyle

One family opened their home to needy people in their community.

Dad giving a pep talk to his upset teen athlete

Dads and Sports

Sports have so much to teach us about what it means to live well. Yes, good character can be taught in Sunday school, but it is “practiced” on the court, diamond, gridiron and track. Virtues such as tenacity, perseverance, fairness, integrity and responsibility can be developed and strengthened as surely as the muscles and skills needed for competition.