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Rochelle Horel

Rochelle Horel is a life-long child advocate.  She is a social worker, retired from Division of Child and Family Services for the State of Utah, where she worked in foster care and adoptions.  She and her husband have eight children.  Seven of the children are adopted, four of those from the foster care system.  She has volunteered with Royal Family Kids Camp #113 for the past seventeen years as Camp Social Worker and co-director.  She and her husband consider themselves “lifers” at Royal Family and have no plans to stop volunteering there.  Rochelle loves to encourage and assist others to adopt, as an answer to reduce the threats and long-term effects of child abuse.

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What Can You Do In One Week?

No child is damaged goods, and none are second-class citizens. They are gems, priceless gems.  And God has a purpose for each of them. Some children have been told they are useless, unwanted, and unworthy. Abused and neglected children are especia …