Sandra Flach

Sandra Flach

Sandra Flach is co-founder and Executive Director of Justice For Orphans—a nonprofit ministry on a mission to rally the Church to serve children and families in crisis. For 7 years she has hosted the weekly Orphans No More podcast where she seeks to inspire, educate, and encourage foster and adoptive parents and many others through guest interviews and inspirational content. She also serves as the Area Director for CarePortal throughout New York state. Sandra lives in upstate NY with her husband of 33 years. They are parents of 8 children—5 through adoption.

kid in foster care overwhelmed by school during covid-19

Helping Foster & Adoptive Families
Navigate Covid-19

Both experts and parents whom I’ve spoken with echoed similar messages—return to successful parenting strategies, establish routines, prepare for change, and engage in fun family activities.