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Sheila Seifert

Sheila Seifert is the editorial director of Focus on the Family magazine, the acquisition editor of the Simple Literature Book Club, and a children’s book author. Her co-authored books include Bible Kidventures: Stories of Danger and Courage, Freedom at the Falls, Terror in the Tunnel, and Rescue on the River. Her most recent “Imagination Station” books were written with Chris Brack. Poison at the Pump is an adventure that takes place during a cholera epidemic, Swept Into the Sea focuses on the apostle Paul’s shipwreck at Malta, and Refugees on the Run uncovers how one man helped thousands of Jews escape the Nazi regime.

While a college instructor, Sheila taught creative writing, composition and literature courses. Relying on her academic and commercial knowledge, she has created a number of free fiction and nonfiction writing lessons at Her hope is to help others grow as authors and take the next step in their writing journey. Before working for Focus on the Family, Sheila cowrote over 20 books and had over 1,000 freelance sales. In addition, she had a number of her animated children’s scripts produced for DVD and TV airing.

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Age-Appropriate Chores For Kids

Dirty dishes. Messy bedrooms. Toys on the living room floor. Some days, there just isn’t a good way to avoid the chore wars. But there is always tomorrow, and you can be proactive.

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Nurturing a Servant’s Heart in Kids

Encouraging a Christlike heart in our children starts with being authentic in our faith, modeling Christ’s love and allowing our children to experience Him. Then they can respond to what He is doing in their lives.

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Writing a Family Mission Statement

Creating a mission statement can help your family concentrate on its purpose and help you as you minister to others.

Choosing a Home-School Curriculum

Where do you start the home-schooling experience? How do you keep from being overwhelmed by it?