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Focus on the Family New Zealand has worked for several years to place ultrasound machines in clinics around the country. One of the machines, at a clinic in Auckland, had some difficulties during the install and had only come online 30 minutes before a woman walked in, unsure about whether she would carry on with her pregnancy.

The doctor at the clinic asked her if she would like to see the baby on the new ultrasound machine. She said yes, and within a matter of minutes had decided to keep her baby and was making a follow-up appointment for another scan. New Zealand Director Wayne Mulqueen was in the clinic and had been helping set up the machine, and was moved to tears by the woman’s decision, as well as how God’s perfect timing made that machine available at just the right moment.

At a Focus on the Family training in a restricted region, a student shyly approached the instructor after the workshop.  He explained that he had attended the same workshop four years earlier with the same instructor. His entire worldview was changed that day, so much so that when he went home, he convinced his mother to not carry out a planned abortion. When the young man finished his story, he invited the trainer out into the waiting area. He introduced the instructor to his four-year old sister, who would have been a statistic, another aborted child, if it hadn’t been for Focus on the Family hosting that original workshop.

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