Advent Devotionals for Couples: Week 3 — Filled with Advent Joy

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What difference might the joy of seeing Christ make in your home?

Advent joy is a special anticipation of Christ’s return to earth.

Key Scripture: Luke 2:8-17

Deep, Lasting Joy

What was it like to be one of the shepherds who heard the angels sing? To walk through the darkness and watch a young mother swaddle her newborn and tuck him into a hay-filled manger? What did the shepherds remember when recounting the story years later? Did they remember a weary mother? An anxious husband caring for his wife? The young child’s cries? Or did they remember the joy of the moment? Whatever their story, it must have been unforgettable. Scripture tells us in Luke 2:18 that all who heard it were amazed.

All who saw Christ were changed. Their lives were filled with deep, lasting joy. Such joy is available to all who look upon the Savior. The God of hope fills you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. (Romans 15:13

Advent joy

Imagine the difference it would make to start your day with the same joy that filled the hearts of shepherds so long ago. What trials could you endure? What challenges could you overcome if you lived in the joy of the first Christmas?

What difference might the joy of seeing Christ make in your home? Your marriage? Will you welcome family members with a smile? Will you listen? Will you live in hope, knowing that the One who opened the eyes of the blind and unstopped the ears of the deaf stands ready to help you and your spouse overcome the concerns you face?

Those who look to Him — the ones who “see the glory of the Lord, the majesty of our God,” will hear His voice say, “Be strong, fear not; your God will come” (Isaiah 35). Ours is a God of hope. May He fill you with joy and peace this Advent season.

Read these Scriptures about joy

Ask your spouse

  • How would our holiday celebrations change if we kept Christ at the center of Christmas?
  • How can we live in joy — not just at Christmas, but all year long?
  • How do you know that I find joy in spending time with you?

More ways to grow closer to your spouse this holiday season:

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