Three Ways to Invest in Your Marriage (and Have Fun Along the Way)

By Bill Arbuckle
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Investing in your marriage doesn't have to be difficult. Start with a simple conversation every day, plan a weekly date night and then an annual adventure!

People always talk about investing in their marriages. They’re either attending a seminar, reading a book, doing homework or asking each other deep, soul-searching questions. While it’s good to invest time in reading, learning and talking through serious issues, it sometimes seems people forget about something just as important: having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

If it’s been awhile since you and your spouse set time aside to play, date and laugh, here are three ways to connect as a couple and enjoy your relationship:

Daily check-in

Start a daily habit of spending ten minutes in “heart talk” with your spouse. Heart talk is a simple check-in. Ask your spouse about the highs and lows of their day. As you share the day’s events, you open your heart to your spouse and invite him or her to do the same. Those few minutes of conversation may set the stage for a deeper discussion, but the goal of a heart talk is to say, You’re so important to me that I want to share my heart with you and listen as you share yours with me. A daily check-in is a simple way to invest in your marriage and it helps you and your spouse develop good communication habits, build camaraderie and avoid those difficult discussions that often start with the dreaded words, We need to talk.

Weekly date night

Dinner and a movie? OK, but everybody does dinner and a movie. What if you did something different? Something fun? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a hike together.
  • Make a picnic lunch.
  • Buy tickets to a comedy show (or buy tickets to an exclusive online show).
  • Try an escape room challenge.

No matter what you choose, remember the goal is to get away from the daily grind, make memories and find ways to connect. Your marriage is worth the investment. A weekly date night gives you and your spouse the time and space to reconnect and invest in your relationship.

Yearly adventure

So, you’re doing daily heart-talks with your spouse and making time for weekly date nights … what else can you do to invest in your marriage and keep it feeling vibrant and strong?

Set time aside for an annual adventure. It’s similar to vacation but with one key difference: it’s just you and your spouse. Plan a weekend getaway or weeklong visit to a dream destination — or to a local campground or bed-and-breakfast — and enjoy time with your spouse. You may want to use the time to talk about the coming year, catch up with each other or just enjoy the extended time away with your spouse.

Look for new things to try … new places to visit. New locations present new opportunities to create memories with your spouse and give you the chance to enjoy the excitement together. These new adventures can reignite the passion and fun in your marriage.

It all adds up

Your marriage is worth the investment! Build time into each day to connect with your spouse. All of the daily talks, weekly dates and annual adventures add up. The shared memories, shared laughter and conversations strengthen your marriage and give you a rich reserve of love to draw from when life’s challenges come your way.

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