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Reducing Conflict in Your Marriage, Part 5

Air Date 01/30/2018

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In a discussion based on her book The Argument-Free Marriage, Fawn Weaver explains how you can reduce conflict with your spouse by making small, intentional changes, timing your discussions, establishing rules of engagement, and more.

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    Secrets of Being a Happy Wife

    Fawn Weaver

    Let's quit comparing ourselves with others and agree: A happy wife recognizes that a happy marriage is defined by what she and her husband consider a happy marriage to be.

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    Believing the Best About Your Spouse

    Emerson Eggerichs

    When you decide to view your spouse as a good-willed person, that perspective changes your entire relationship. Even in the middle of conflict, you can see each other as partners and friends.

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Fawn Weaver

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Fawn Weaver is a New York Times bestselling author. Her blog,, has attracted more than 10 million visitors, is followed by more than a million people on social media and has been featured on numerous major media outlets including The Los Angeles Times, The New York Daily News, ABC and NBC. Fawn is a managing partner for a strategic investment company specializing in real estate, tech and lifestyle brands. She has also partnered with a celebrity chef to open one of the most successful fine dining restaurants in the Los Angeles area. Fawn is an executive board member for Slavery No More and a supporter – and former board member – of MEND Poverty. She and her husband, Keith, have been married since 2003 and reside in LA.