The True Cost of Abortion

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The monetary cost of an abortion can run up to $1,600, with the average cost being around $600. However, abortion "costs" much more.
How much does an abortion cost? Well, the answer is a bit complicated because the concept of “abortion cost” is multidimensional. The monetary cost of an abortion procedure can run up to $1,600, with the average cost being close to $600. These numbers can be overwhelming for a woman in fear, contemplating the termination of her pregnancy. Despite this, the dollars lost through an abortion procedure pales in comparison to the other costs involved.
Abortion, objectively, ends an innocent life. The most priceless gift throughout the universe is existence itself. Abortion ends a life’s existence here on Earth and ends the possibility of the world benefitting from the new life. There are additional costs to abortion, particularly the increased risk of mental health complications. As revealed by a study of over 56,000 California Medi-Cal beneficiaries, women who aborted their pregnancy were twice as likely to require psychiatric inpatient care than women who delivered. These statistics still stand even after controlling for prior mental health complications.

Abortion Costs More Than Money

Truthfully, the cases of unwanted abortions outnumber the cases of wanted abortions. Still, women feel pressured to have the procedure. The data gathered by ANSIRH, a pro-abortion reproductive health group, confirms that unwanted abortions are more common than wanted abortions. Namely, those women who freely choose to serve their own goals and preferences.

Our culture relies on the input of internet celebrities and social media influencers. Unfortunately, many of these public figures shout their pro-abortion agenda from the mountaintops without considering the repercussions of their messaging. 

We are reaping the consequences of Generation Z adopting these messages wholeheartedly as a large group of women are making self-destructive decisions that they feel pressured to make. Too often, Women feel obligated to sacrifice their own beliefs and desires to serve the demands of others. The narrative needs to change. The truth needs to surface.

What's The True Cost of Abortion?

The truth is abortion doesn’t solve the challenges that arise with an unexpected pregnancy. Sometimes, pregnancy intensifies preexisting problems. However, the pregnancy is rarely the only issue at hand. One fundamental lie of the abortion industry is its dedication to glorifying abortion as a solution to the major issues women face. This idea is a lie.

Abortion is a serious medical procedure with many risks, and the risks pose a threat to both physical and mental health. For women who experience unexpected pregnancies, their greatest need is to be surrounded by people that love them deeply.

For a woman contemplating an abortion, she needs friends and family to surround her with empowering and truthful love. She needs to know that she has options. Both parenting and adoption will come with challenges, but she has help from loved ones, the Church, and other organizations. Likewise, it takes faithful friends to remind the fearful woman that she is strong enough to overcome her fears.

My Mother's Story

Twenty-three years ago, my mom was a fearful, anxious woman contemplating abortion. Fears of isolation, hopelessness, and rejection filled her mind day and night while the routine demands of life continued to rage on. She initially believed that an abortion would be the best decision for her future, so she scheduled an appointment at her local abortion clinic to have the procedure.

As the nurses were explaining the procedure to her, she hyperventilated and passed out. Thankfully, they told her she was too emotionally distraught to have the abortion, but she was encouraged to come back later. In the weeks to follow, my mom decided to open up to her sister and friends about her pregnancy. She soon realized that her fears of rejection from her loved ones proved to be entirely untrue, and her support system grew in harmony with her baby bump.

Bravely, she made the choice to have her baby, and I get to experience this wonderful world as a result of her bravery. My mom is now actively using her story to help thousands of women that were in her exact position through a ministry called Embrace Grace.

Amy Ford shares her story of unexpected pregnancy and choosing life.

Amy Ford is a host at this year’s See Life 2021 event! Hear more from Amy and others here:

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Abortion Hurts Women

Abortion isn’t what it is praised to be. It is incredibly hard on a woman and a successful abortion always ends the life of an innocent child. When the fears of an unplanned pregnancy seem to shout within the mind of an abortion-minded woman, the need for strong and loving compassion cannot be overemphasized. If you care about the sanctity of life, which I pray that you do, it is time to get skin in the game. It is time to move forward past the political Facebook posts (which can be helpful in their place) and intentionally input your time, resources, and love into this movement of life.

Need ideas? Start an Embrace Grace group at your church, serve at your local pregnancy center, encourage your local church to meet the physical needs of single and pregnant women in the community. Why not mentor young women who have an unexpected pregnancy or even give money to organizations heavily involved in empowering women and saving the lives of children. We must pair our actions with our words. We must fight.

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