Being A Man In The Pro-Life Movement

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I have a passion for this cause. However, as a man, I still have some hesitancies about openly speaking and acting for the benefit of the pro-life movement.

There is an unspoken tension within my heart. I am pro-life, and I have a burning desire to fight for the rights of the preborn. My desire is to see women be incredibly brave and allow their children to enjoy a beautiful life here on Earth. I have a passion for this cause. Despite these recurring emotions, as a man, I still have some hesitancies about openly speaking and acting for the benefit of the pro-life movement. 

The Argument

Recently, there has been an increase in the frequency of usage surrounding a specific Pro-choice argument that denies any men the right to speak about abortion. This argument suggests that men have no right to speak on abortion, because they never have to deal with the decision-making process.

As a Christian man in my early 20’s who is married to the woman of my dreams, I predict that I will never be in a position where I will have to make an abortion decision. Does this discredit my ability to determine if abortion is detrimental to society? 

To many, the suggestion that I am in any position to form an opinion on abortion is irrational and insensitive. However, this policing of thought and advocacy is toxic to humanity’s overall cognitive process.

Should men have a say in abortion?

Humanity has a long history of determining if specific actions are helpful or harmful to society. Anybody with eyes and ears could inspect their culture before the action occurred and then analyze the effects. After the analysis of impact, there is almost always a clear answer as to whether an action was beneficial to society or not.

Unfortunately, our culture tells men that they are not allowed to utilize this same logic concerning abortion. Although men can analyze cause and effect, their opinions are considered to lack credibility.

Despite this flourishing pattern of logic, one does not have to experience something directly to determine if it is good or bad. Men have a role in the Pro-Life movement. Furthermore, the movement desperately needs men across the globe to stand up against the injustice of abortion, and to adequately care for women in ways that inspire them to choose life.

How should men be involved in the Pro-life movement?

The most imperative thing that men can do for the pro-life movement is to raise their families to love God with their hearts. 

Serve the Lord

Understand the abundant life that Jesus promises us in John 10:10:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

Understand that God is so loving that he places a vast amount of care and attention on the creation of each person’s body and soul. God profoundly and mysteriously loves each person. 

The See Life 2021 Roundtable discusses how men can stand for life.

Men, you have an opportunity to display the love of our Heavenly Father to the next generation, every day. If the next generation learns to love the Father, they will also learn that abortion breaks the Father’s heart.

Be a Voice

Secondly, men can use their voices in the Pro-life movement. 

I know a girl, Jordan, who worked at a UPS store in Dallas. A few years ago, Jordan found out she was unexpectedly pregnant, and she was overcome with fear and anxiety. When she told her parents, Jordan’s father began to express how she was a horrible decision-maker, and that she would be an awful mother. 

After this phone call, Jordan was immediately considering abortion. Soon after, she walked into her shift at the UPS store. For some reason, she told a customer that she just found out she was pregnant. The man looked at her, and with great care and intentionality, he said, “I think you are going to be a great mom.” 

As soon as these words left the man’s lips, Jordan began to cry. Those words inspired Jordan to choose life. The words of one man, a stranger, had the power to preserve a precious life in danger.

Men, you have a place in the Pro-life movement. Go serve the single and pregnant women of your local church, throw baby showers for young pregnant women. Be a voice that speaks hope, light, and life into the hearts of those overcome with fear.

It is time to get skin in the game. This is an issue of life or death, and your voice matters.

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