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See Life 2020 Success

See Life 2020 Success

Many of you faithfully prayed for See Life 2020, and the Lord answered. While coronavirus caused this event to look much different from the five city in-person tour that was initially envisioned, Focus on the Family pulled together to create an incredible pro-life event. Reports are still coming in, but here are a few preliminary impact numbers:

  • Generous donors made it possible to promote the event during prime time hours on FoxNews Channel and CNN. 

  • Over 1 million people watched the heart-wrenching “Will I” video.

  • There have been 502,591 total views across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. And that number doesn’t account for those who have watched with others.

  • Over 160,000 people signed the pledge to advocate for life and #LoveEveryHeartbeat

  • Since the beginning of the See Life 2020 campaign, 1500 people joined with you to advocate for life as part of our sustainer program.

This event was an inspirational opportunity to stand with other pro-life advocates with the challenge to be a voice for the voiceless. We can’t wait to celebrate the stories of lives impacted and saved because of See Life 2020.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch See Life 2020 premiere last month, check it out below.