Tales of Christmas Past

Paper sculpture of Mary and Joseph holding the infant Jesus
Illustration by Gail Armstrong

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" So goes the line to the popular holiday song. But does it remind you of how your life looks at Christmastime? We as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but life in a fallen world doesn't take a yuletide timeout.

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Indeed, for many, the season of Advent is marked not by good cheer, but by sorrow and dissatisfaction. 

For our 2015 Advent calendar, we collected a number of true stories of Christmastime. Together these stories point to the central, eternal theme of Christmas: Into the darkness has come a great light. As you read these stories with your kids, you'll see that there's something about Christmastime that really does make it seem special. Unexpected acts of honesty and generosity display the "Christmas spirit." Kindness and warmth toward strangers are evidence of "Christmas cheer."

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