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Photo of Andreas Köstenberger.

Andreas Köstenberger

Andreas Köstenberger is cofounder of Biblical Foundations and theologian in residence at Fellowship Raleigh Church. He is also the author of The Final Days of Jesus, The First Days of Jesus, and The Jesus of the Gospels.

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The Doctrine of God and a Pastor’s Ministry

By engaging in God-centered preaching and pastoral ministry, we will redirect people’s natural inclination to focus on self and lead them to turn their eyes upward to contemplate and worship a holy, loving, and righteous God. Rather than approaching God merely for what he can do for us, they will learn to love and worship him for who he is.

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The Role of Pastors in Fostering a Healthy, Biblical Self-Image

Developing a sound mind and self-image is crucial to mental and spiritual health. As God-appointed shepherds, pastors should care for people’s spiritual and mental health. This, in turn, will be vital in assisting believers in discovering their life’s meaning in accordance with their objective, unchanging, and eternally secure identity in Christ.

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Day of No Hope: The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday

The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday offers powerful spiritual lessons for believers. When disaster strikes and our hopes are dashed, we must be patient and wait for God because He can bring good out of evil in his own good timing.