Dave Willis

Dave Willis

Dave Willis is a best-selling author, public speaker, relationship coach, and host for the TV show Marriage Today. He and his wife, Ashley, are close partners in ministry, and together have become highly popular marriage bloggers reaching millions of couples through their online posts, as well as through their books, videos, and other resources. Ashley is also a part of the team at Marriage Today, working at the organization alongside Dave to pursue their passion for building Christ-centered marriages and families. Dave and Ashley have four young sons and reside in Texas. Learn more about the couple and their resources at www.DaveAndAshleyWillis.com.

Dave Willis being interviewed in the Focus on the Family broadcast studio

Teaching Boys to Respect Women

In a discussion based on his book Raising Boys Who Respect Girls, Dave Willis offers parents advice for cultivating within their young sons a healthy respect for others, particularly girls and women.

A young couple smiles at each other while they eat ice cream

Do Your Boys Respect Girls?

Have the courage to talk about sex and respect with your sons.

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Showing Love in Everyday Relationships

In a discussion based on his book The Seven Laws of Love, Dave Willis outlines the ways true love is expressed, helping you better understand what love looks like in action. He offers insight on how you can have a positive and significant impact on the world around you by loving others as Jesus did.