Elizabeth Oates

Elizabeth Oates

Elizabeth Oates is an author, blogger, and speaker whose family tree was plagued with generations of divorce, dysfunction and brokenness. Today she advocates for healthy marriages and families, and also encourages women to find purpose in the mundane. Elizabeth’s books include Mending Broken Branches and If You Could See as Jesus Sees. She lives in Waco, Texas with her husband, Brandon, and their five children, including three biological and two adopted through foster care. Learn more about Elizabeth at her website, elizabethoates.com.

Focus on the Family Broadcast

You Can Have a Healthy Family (Even if Yours Wasn’t)

In a discussion based on her book Mending Broken Branches, Elizabeth Oates describes the negative impact that previous generations of your family can have on you, sharing about her own dysfunctional past that’s marked by divorce, neglect, and addiction. She suggests practical ways you can reclaim your family tree to become the spouse and/or parent God wants you to be.

Mom Holding Daughter: a loving mom holds her young daughter against a white wall

Be the Mom You Want to Be

How to parent well even if you didn’t have a good role model

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