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Ellen Schuknecht

Ellen Schuknecht loves supporting Christian parents as they educate and disciple their children. As the Family Ministry Director for NAUMS (National Association of University-Model® Schools), she works with association schools across the nation, helping them set up effective training and support for parents. She continues to be employed at Veritas Academy where she is a founding trustee.Ellen has been married to her husband Glen for 48 years. They enjoy an active life living nearby their adult children and grandchildren, who range in age from 8 to 17. Together they authored A Spiritual Heritage: Connecting Kids and Grandkids to God and Family. Ellen and her oldest daughter Erin MacPherson, co-authored Free to Parent as well as Put the Disciple into Discipline. Mostly recently Ellen authored Every Parent’s Calling: to educate and disciple your child.  

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Navigating the Early Grade School Years

Author Erin MacPherson and her mother, Ellen Schuknecht, an educator, offer encouragement and advice to moms of early grade school-aged children.

Focus on Parenting Podcast

Disciplining Your Kids with Love and Limits, Part 5

There’s no way to keep your children happy all the time. They need to go through their own struggles so they know how to handle tough situations later on in life. John and Danny emphasize the importance of allowing kids to learn resiliency.

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Disciplining Your Kids with Love and Limits, Parts 4

John and Danny explain what can happen when parents flash with anger in the moment.

Disciplining Your Kids with Love and Limits, Parts 3

John and Danny discuss the importance of pre-teaching and sometimes just backing off for the moment when a child explodes with anger.

Pass on Your Faith to the Next Generation

The foundation of a strong spiritual legacy can begin in the heart of the parent.

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Disciplining Your Kids With Love and Limits

In a conversation centered on their book Put the Disciple Into Discipline, Erin MacPherson and her mother, Ellen Schuknecht, discuss the importance of parents demonstrating love in the midst of disciplining their children. Erin and Ellen also talk about teaching our kids self-control, helping them (and ourselves) become slow to anger, and faith training.