Isaiah Seaborn looking to the right.

Isaiah Seaborn

Isaiah is a Content Producer for Focus On The Family’s  Advocacy for Children department. Isaiah’s desire is to make Jesus known by sharing the gospel. He enjoys creating videos, Christian Hip-Hop, Marvel movies and video games.

A biracial family runs towards the camera. The words "Transracial Adoption" are on top.

Transracial Adoption

While attending a pro-life conference earlier this year, I listened to a lecture on adopting children from a different race. The two presenters were talking about a term they called “transracial adoption.” To my surprise, much of the presentation consi …

Senior Citizen Day text over an senior man's face.

Senior Citizen Day

Valuing Those Before Us My grandfather provided many years of service to his family and the Southern Colorado area. His love for Jesus and his family has inspired me to lead in a similar way. Whether he was teaching my siblings and I about meeting my g …