Senior Citizen Day

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Honoring our elders

Valuing Those Before Us

My grandfather provided many years of service to his family and the Southern Colorado area. His love for Jesus and his family has inspired me to lead in a similar way. Whether he was teaching my siblings and I about meeting my grandmother or recalling a story of how he faced a changing culture, he was a model reason to celebrate Senior Citizen Day.


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President Ronald Reagan designated August 21st as Senior Citizen Day. This day is dedicated to recognizing and cherishing the wisdom and experiences of the esteemed seniors in our community. They have a wealth of knowledge to offer and can bring great joy and fulfillment to our interactions. Let me present various ideas on how to meaningfully engage with the seniors on Senior Citizen Day in your community. Ready? Let’s go!

Connection Through Prayers​

 A Focus on the Family  article shares that “many of this world’s greatest prayer warriors are senior citizens.” Prayer is a wonderful way to connect with a senior citizen. Prayer requests can be exchanged, or Bible verses shared. This is a way to deepen one’s relationship with a senior while simultaneously fostering more relationship with Jesus.

Learning through Listening

Understanding what our seniors have walked through gives the next generation the benefit of avoiding previous mistakes. Ed Chinn writes, “When the Bible and other ancient Christian literature sources refer to elders ‘sitting in the gates’ of the city, it portrays the great accrual of wisdom in those who had been formed by walking with God” Therefore, sit down and ask a senior about what they have done. What are they proudest of in their life? What would they change if they could? What was their most embarrassing moment? Enjoy and laugh about the experiences and glean the wisdom in what they say.

Practice What They Preached

Acknowledging sound knowledge is only half of the solution. What is equally important is to put said wisdom into action. Therefore, the second way we can appreciate senior citizens is to hold the lessons that they have taught in high esteem. like referenced in (Ephesians 6:2-3). Personally, my grandfather bestowed his wisdom by telling me stories of his early years. Each story would start the same way. “Yeah, when I was out in the field… I would be up before the sun.” He would then tell me stories of how he created good working habits by “working the mules,” or when he didn’t have much, he could always count on God. I didn’t know then how much I would cherish those times now.

Show Care

Ask questions and see if there is a place you can assist a senior in your area. Many have some physical limitations they didn’t before, so moving something heavy or reaching items up high can be helpful. Also, technology that is easy for you may be overwhelming for them. See if there is something you could set up or clarify on their computer or cell phone. There are a lot of easy tasks that would be helpful, check in with them to see where their needs are.

Enjoy Something Together

Getting to know seniors on a personal level becomes much easier when you discover shared interests. It’s like unlocking a door to building meaningful relationships. Imagine sitting down for a cozy cup of tea together – it’s the perfect opportunity to kickstart some fantastic conversations. You’ll be amazed by the stories and experiences they’ll share.


And hey, why not ask them to teach you their all-time favorite recipe? Not only will you learn a new and delicious dinner option, but it’s also a chance to bond over the love of good food. It goes beyond a simple cooking lesson – it’s about creating cherished memories and exchanging cultural traditions.

But here’s the real trick: show a genuine interest in what seniors are passionate about. It’s incredible how rewarding it can be. Whether it’s their taste in music, their go-to books, or their hobbies, dive right into their world. Engage in their activities, discuss their favorites, and be open to new experiences. These moments of connection bridge the gap and form bonds that are truly special.

Why Should We Honor?

Recognizing and honoring our senior citizens opens up doors for spiritual and personal growth. It’s an opportunity to deepen our faith and expand our understanding of who God is. Through their wisdom, we acquire valuable skills and reap the benefits that often result in treasured memories. While I may not have a mule to care for like my grandfather did in the past, I do possess a wealth of stories and examples to pass down to both my children and grandchildren. These tales serve as a legacy, connecting generations and imparting valuable lessons along the way.

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