Marriages and families are in trouble after the challenges of last year.
If it's not too much to ask, would you help equip these families with the resources they need to put Jesus at the center of their home?
Yes, I will help struggling families!
Jeff Meyers

Dr. Jeff Myers

In the last 20 years, Dr. Jeff Myers has become one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development, and the Summit Ministries Board of Directors is proud to unanimously endorse him as its 2nd president upon the retirement of Summit’s founder, Dr. David Noebel.

As a communicator, Dr. Myers weaves together biblical insight, penetrating social commentary, fascinating research, and hilarious personal stories to motivate and challenge listeners. His inspiring presentations have delighted audiences of teachers, business leaders, parents, and young adults, renewing their enthusiasm for passing the baton of godly faithfulness.

Dr. Myers’ many books and video courses include Secrets of Great Communicators, Secrets of the World-Changers, Secrets of Everyday Leaders, Grow Together, Cultivate, The Secret Battle of the Ideas About God, and Unquestioned Answers. Jeff and his family live in Colorado.

an aerial view of people sitting in church

Christian Clichés Are Destroying the Church

The church has a lot of hard thinking to do. But as we abandon our unquestioned answers, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to love God—and our neighbor—better.

a man with a bible open

How to Not Be Totally Lost in this World

What is your compass? What is your North Pole? Don’t settle for trusting only yourself. Pick up the Bible to gain a new understanding of God, and of the world and everyone in it—including yourself.

a man looking into the sky

Pastors and the Secret Battle of Ideas about God

As ministry leaders, we need to constantly remind those we teach that mindless Christianity does not please Jesus. We need to stay focused on sharpening our worldview.

The Church Needs More Than Bumper-Sticker Theology

Dr. Jeff Myers teaches us that bumper-sticker theology is not biblical theology. Now is the time to abandon the unquestioned answers that keep us in the shallows when God calls us to go deep.

a woman placing her hands over her heart

Unmasking The Gospel of Christian Narcissism

Understanding Jesus as the center of all of reality is liberating. It rescues us from the “me-ness” of “me and Jesus” and positions us to see the world from God’s perspective and bring His good news to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

a blurred image of a busy train station

Should Pastors Engage or Escape Culture?

Jesus claimed authority over all things (Matthew 28:18-20). How will we respond? By ignoring the aspects of culture we find distasteful, or by engaging culture as a platform from which to proclaim Jesus’s victory?

a red and white heart painted on a black wall

How Jesus Meet’s Our Hearts’ Deepest Longings

Selfless love rescues us from ideas that make us feel lonely and inadequate. It shows us we are loved and it awakens our love for others.

The Danger of Thoughtlessness in the Church

The church is not immune to confusion when it comes to understanding and applying the bible. Dr. Jeff Myers helps us remedy thoughtlessness in the body of Christ.

Running Life’s Race, Thoughtfully

Thoughtful Christians don’t fear difficult questions. They expect them. Rather than blind faith, they ask questions such as, “is the Bible really true for everyone, everywhere, all the time? If so, how do I know? How ought this to change my life? How would I explain this belief to others?