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Jen Weaver

Jen Weaver

Jen Weaver is passionate about helping women grow stronger in their faith, and to that end, she serves as an associate women’s ministry pastor, a conference speaker, and a writer who shares her content on her website, thejenweaver.com, and by contributing to various publications and media outlets. She has also authored a book titled A Wife’s Secret to Happiness: Receiving, Honoring, and Celebrating God’s Role for You in Your Marriage. She lives in northern Texas with her husband, Jared, and their two young sons.

A newlywed bride walks through a field of purple wild flowers. Here are 12 pieces of advice the author would share with her newlywed self.

12 Pieces of Advice I’d Tell Newlywed Me

For my 12 year anniversary, I’ve highlighted 12 pieces of newlywed advice I wish I could share with the newlywed version of myself.

couple sitting in front of bonfire roasting marshmallows and rekindling like

How to Rekindle “Like” for Your Spouse

Have you noticed that your spouse’s personality quirks, which you thought were so cute when you were dating, are driving you nuts now that you’re married? In the early days, it was laughable when she forgot items on her way out of the house or grocery …

couple sitting on park bench reducing stress

Do You Need Refreshment in Your Marriage?

We need refreshment — physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. We need to pause, check in with ourselves and our spouse to make sure we take time to restore and replenish our whole being.

Couple on snowy mountain peak looking out

Navigating Marital Strife in a Relationship Winter

Over the years, my husband and I have learned to navigate times of marital strife. I call tough seasons like those “relationship winters.”

Couple being mentored in office setting

Finding a Mentor Couple for Your Marriage

Finding a mentor couple willing to counsel you and your spouse takes time and effort. Here are some practices my husband and I have found helpful through the years.

An interracial couple smiles for the camera

The First Year of Marriage as an Interracial Couple

Every married person knows there’s a learning curve as newlyweds work to become one. For interracial couples, the curve may be steeper.

The Secret to Being a Happy Wife

The Secret to Being a Happy Wife

In a discussion based on her book A Wife’s Secret to Happiness, Jen Weaver describes her journey of being an unhappy, discontent wife to becoming a joyful one experiencing greater fulfillment in her marriage. Jim Daly’s wife, Jean, joins the conversation and shares her insights.