Marriages and families are in trouble after the challenges of last year.
If it's not too much to ask, would you help equip these families with the resources they need to put Jesus at the center of their home?
Yes, I will help struggling families!
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Jim Dye

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Work/Family Balance

How Dads View (and live out) the Tension Between Their Jobs and Their Families.

Got Religion?

How Different Perspectives on Religion Can Impact Fatherhood.

What’s Going On Here?

Fascinating Case Studies of “Irregular” Parenting.

The Role Of Media In The Family

The Predictable Risks and Surprising Benefits of Family Media Use.

Mom Wants Everyone Together

How Physical Proximity is Catnip for Moms.

Lone Ranger = Bad Idea

Why Moms Need Dads.

Community In Everyday Life

How Peer Pressure Can Enhance Parental Influence.