Laura Lynn Hughes

Laura Lynn Hughes is a volunteer at her local Alpha Pregnancy Clinic and Alpha Mobile Unit, and is the co-founder of A Movement of Love ministry, serving as a speaker and teacher about pregnancy, fetal development, and post-abortion trauma and recovery. She is author of the book Choose Zoe and runs a photography studio, Images by Hughes, in northern California. She has five children and eight grandchildren.

Embracing God’s Gift of Life

Laura Lynn Hughes shares her powerful testimony of choosing life, facing heartbreak, and advocating for the rights of the pre-born in a discussion based on her book, Choose Zoe: A Story of UnPlanned Parenthood and the Case for Life.

How You Can Help Save a Life (Even if You Think You Can’t)

Maybe you’ve always wanted to help save the life of a preborn baby, but you don’t feel up to the task. I have good news for you: God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called.

Focus on the Family

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