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Leah Outten

Leah Outten

Leah Outten still maintains an open adoption relationship with her birth daughter and the adoptive parents she chose when she was 16 years old. Using her experience, she now works in the adoption and pro-life community through her writing, education, and mentoring. In her role as a Post Adoption Advocate at Abiding Love Charities, she aims to help adoptive families and birth parents navigate their own lifelong adoption story with the loving support she had during her experience.

Supporting birth mothers for Christmas, a birth mother and her birth daughter celebrating holidays

5 Ways to Support Birth Mothers This Christmas

Just as with any holiday and milestone throughout the year, birth mothers need love and support during Christmas.

A young birth mother faces the fears of choosing adoption.

The Fears of a Birth Mother

Even in fully open adoptions, filled with visits and solid relationships, there are fears that every birth mother worries about.

a teenager pregnant child sits alone in need of support.

When Two Lines Are Pink: How Parents Can Support Their Pregnant Child.

Through my tears, I only nodded to affirm my parents’ suspicions— their child, their little girl, was pregnant.

adoptive family is happy for birth mother of pregnant adoptee

Adoption Triad: What is it and why should we care?

It goes beyond the adoptive family unit. Adoptees and birth parents also live this lifelong journey of adoption.

A birth mother still visits her child after adoption.

My Adoption Story is My Testimony

It’s a common misconception that those who choose adoption don’t “want” their babies. For most birth mothers, this is far from true.

A father holds his child

A Father’s Voice In Unplanned Pregnancy

Father’s play a key role in parenting a child, but many aren’t empowered to do so after an unplanned pregnancy.

What a Birth Mom Needs for Mother’s Day Weekend

Fifteen years ago, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day, but it looked a bit different than others. It wasn’t filled with my baby smiling up at me, flowers, or a handmade craft. I was a first-time mother in one way, but also not. I chose life for her. I …


Supporting Birth Mothers During The Coronavirus

Viruses like COVID-19 don’t stop babies from needing to be born into the world right now.

Mother and her Newborn Baby, Parent holding newborns hands

The Adoption Option: Birth Mothers Need Your Support

We can’t simply encourage an expectant mother to “choose life” and then leave her alone to figure it out. We must follow up and follow through.