Paul Batura

As Vice President of Communications for Focus on the Family, Paul Batura is responsible for media and public relations, internal communications and community relations to the ministry’s Colorado Springs neighbors. Prior to his current role, Paul served as a top writer and adviser to both Focus’ founder, Dr. James Dobson, and its current president, Jim Daly. Paul is the author of five books including Good Day! The Paul Harvey Story and Mentored by the King: Arnold Palmer’s Success Lessons for Golf, Business and Life. Paul and his wife, Julie, have three young sons.

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Tim Keller, ‘Theological Lion of His Time,’ Passes Away

Historians often say it takes years to assess a president’s true impact and legacy, and that’s often true. Yet even hours after Tim Keller’s death, it’s not too soon to declare him a theological lion of his time, a man whose words and teaching ministered to millions and whose efforts will long proceed him. 

Ancient Roman Concrete and It’s Connection to Strong Marriages

Like a sturdy sea wall, marriages serve to protect against the churning tides of culture. But like Roman concrete, the very best marriages contain certain ingredients that make all the difference.


How Our Church Encouraged Us to Adopt

Adoption won’t always move in a straight line, but it’s an outreach of immense importance and one that rests at the heart of the Gospel.

Son reading his father's book of parenting secrets

My Father’s Little Black Book of Parenting Secrets

But there in the corner of my father’s dresser drawer, under the belts, was something I had never before seen: a well-worn black book with a gold-lettered title: “Father’s Manual.”

Understanding the Impact of Adoption on the World

Understanding the Impact of Adoption on the World

In a follow-up to our broadcast “Changing the World Through Adoption,” Focus on the Family Vice President Paul Batura returns to share more inspiring examples of how people raised by loving, adoptive parents grew up to have a remarkable impact on the world.

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Changing the World Through Adoption

In a discussion based on his book Chosen for Greatness, Focus on the Family’s Paul Batura describes how adopting three sons has changed his life for the better, and highlights some of the amazing people in history who were successful not in spite of their adoption, but because of it.

10 Things I Wish We Had Known Before Adopting

After 12 years and three adoptions, I’ve often thought about how helpful it would have been to know then what we know now. Here are 10 things we’ve learned about adoption.