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Serena Dyksen

Serena is an author, speaker and founder of She Found His Grace Abortion Recovery.

At 13, Serena was raped and faced an unplanned pregnancy. The only option offered was abortion. Abortion never did undo her rape, but instead added more trauma. At 16, she got pregnant again and this time, she chose life in the abortion clinic parking lot.

Serena now shares her story of hope, healing and freedom in her new book, She Found His Grace. She has been married for 28 years and is a mother of four – two on earth, two in heaven. She has a heart for the lost and talking about Jesus.
Image of Serena Dyksen healing from abortion rape and miscarriage story

Healing From Abortion, Rape and Miscarriage

My dad had to carry me out over his shoulder after the abortion. We got in the car and silently agreed to never talk about what happened.