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Steve Yohn

Steve Yohn is the director of Adult Ministries at Fellowship Community Church in Centennial, Colo. and is the co-author – along with former Denver Bronco Jason Elam – of the fictional thriller Monday Night Jihad. For more information about Steve, go to

Practical Wisdom

When we focus so much on the world’s idea of wisdom, we kill off our connection to God’s truth.

The Depth of Grace

The Depth of Grace

Most spend their lives, consciously or unconsciously, doing the exact things that God asks them not to do.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

We can find one of the best pictures of spiritual gifts way back in the second book of the Bible.

Mostly Forgiven

Why do we live in this land of “mostly forgiving?” Why do we find it so hard to forgive and truly forget?

There Is No ‘I’ in Prayer

Even though we have permission to be familiar with God, we should never forget to whom we are speaking.

Turning the Knob to the Off Position

Our society is designed such that we have to intentionally search for opportunities for stillness.