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How to Find Counseling Support for Teen With Sexual Identity Issues

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Our teen daughter struggles with her sexuality and wants to dress like a boy. We want to help her respect God’s design while also keeping our relationship with her strong — but we always end up arguing with her. How can we find a professional counselor who will help us sort it out?



It’s not easy to deal with sexual identity confusion in a constructive, relational way that’s in line with the Christian faith. There’s a lot of controversy about professional therapy for teens who question their sexuality; some counselors want to promote LGBT values instead of God’s design. However, counseling is available that’s respectful, safe, ethical, and responsive to a client’s values.

Before you start your search for a counselor, we encourage you to read our ministry statement and visit a couple of our resource pages. You’ll find our perspective about counseling for sexual identity concerns as well as personal stories, Q&As, and resource recommendations:

Find counseling support for your teen

We don’t endorse a specific counselor or therapeutic model, but we can point you to our Christian Counselors Network. (Each counselor has their own specialties. Still, they must agree with Focus on the Family’s values and our statement mentioned above.)

You might also consider material and support group details from these organizations:

As you look for a counselor who supports biblical values, have early conversations with the professional who would oversee your daughter’s care. Share your experiences and ask them about their therapeutic approach and general manner of practice.

And be ready to join the counseling process yourselves. No matter the issue, many professionals want to know the entire context (interconnected feelings and needs) of the household where a struggling teen grows up. Over time, having family sessions or different combinations of family members can help coordinate care and create harmony and positive outcomes.

Reach out for more help

We know this is a complicated, sensitive situation. You love your daughter and want her to be whole, healthy, and happy — but the world doesn’t make it easy. Would you like to talk more before taking the next step of finding ongoing professional counseling?

Call us for a free over-the-phone consultation. Our licensed or pastoral counselors would welcome the chance to hear your story and talk with you in more detail.


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