Questions and Concerns About Biofeedback Therapy

What can you tell me about biofeedback? Does it have any value as a clinical tool or therapeutic technique? What about associated spiritual risks or dangers?

We see no reason to regard biofeedback as “evil” or “dangerous” in and of itself. We are aware of the controversy surrounding this and other so-called “holistic” health practices and of their past association with the New Age movement. But we would suggest that there is little or no basis for the fears associated with this technique in the minds of many Christians.

In general, it’s our opinion that biofeedback, like hypnosis, can be a useful and beneficial clinical tool in the hands of a well-qualified Christian professional. It is, of course, an entirely different matter when it is assigned some kind of questionable spiritual significance. As author Douglas R. Groothuis explains in his book Unmasking the New Age:

… Not all practices somehow associated with holistic health should be shunned. Biofeedback, for example, may simply be used to gain voluntary control of some bodily function. But when it is used as a tool to supposedly raise one’s consciousness to the divine level, it should be rejected. If any holistic practice has a questionable or non-Christian origin, it must be carefully evaluated to see if it inextricably involves unbiblical assumptions and/or practices. If so, it must be avoided.

If you have additional questions about this subject or would like to discuss your concerns at greater length with a member of our staff, feel free to call Focus on the Family’s Counseling department.


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