Remembering Milestones

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Married couples can commemorate significant events in their marriage in which God proved faithful. What are some things you do to mark the milestones in your marriage?

“So these stones shall be to the people of Israel
a memorial forever.” — Joshua 4:7

  • What has been one of the most
    positive, life-changing events in your life?
  • What experiences in
    our marriage have drawn us closer to God and to each other?
  • How
    can we commemorate significant spiritual milestones in our

Along the marital journey, we experience spiritual
landmarks. Whether they are born from joyous events or times of sorrow,
these milestones are to be remembered. Just as Joshua used stones as a
memorial to the miracle of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River, we
can commemorate significant events in which God has proven faithful to
us. For example, we might hold a celebration, plant a tree or return to
the location of an event. Recalling God’s goodness in the past will help
encourage and strengthen us, so that we hold tight to God and to our
spouse as we face the challenges of today.

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