Becoming One

Groom in tux and bride in a wedding gown staring up at the mountain ahead of them

There is a fine line between becoming one with your mate, while maintaining your God-given identity. It's challenging, but even more so if you're new to married life. If this is your story, maybe you're asking, "What does it mean to become one and how do my spouse and I do it?"

Does a husband pursue his career over his wife's desire to move to another state for a once-in-a-lifetime job offer? Should a wife go out once a week with her girlfriends while her husband stays at home with the children? How do they merge their finances, possessions and time?

Becoming one is something that takes effort and persistence. Guaranteed, it won't take place instantly but with wisdom and effort, it can happen. We invite you to take another step toward marital oneness by reading the articles we've provided here.

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