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Practical Advice for New Parents

Air Date 03/18/2017

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This weekend, best-selling author Dr. Gary Chapman offers practical advice to new parents in a discussion based on his book Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Became Parents

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    First-Time Expectant Parents

    Suzanne Gosselin

    If you and your spouse are expecting your first baby, you will face a lot of challenges. But it will all be worth it.

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    So You're Expecting a Baby

    A positive pregnancy test is one of the most life-changing moments in a woman's life! If you are single, you might also be considering whether or not marriage should be a part of your plan.

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    Your Child's Love Language

    Heidi Krumenauer

    Children express and receive love in different ways — some through acts of service; others through affirming words; still others through gifts, quality time or physical touch. Each of these expressions of love represents a different 'language.'

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Gary Chapman

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Dr. Gary Chapman is the senior associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, N.C. He's also an international public speaker and the best-selling author of numerous books including The Five Love Languages which has sold more than five million copies and has been translated into nearly 40 languages. Dr. Chapman holds several academic degrees including a Ph.D. in adult education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.