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More Parenting Know-How

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How to Raise a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture

Learn How to Raise a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture

Your daughter faces challenges and temptations every day. She lives in a culture which is actively attempting to undermine her identity as a woman, as a mother. This culture ties her self-worth to approval on social media, reduces her value to that of a sexual object, and relentlessly attacks her faith.

In this video series licensed pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker will help you equip your daughter as she faces the difficulties modern culture brings.

7 Traits

Learn the 7 Traits of Effective Parenting

In today's complex world, parenting is a tough job. There are many demands on parents, so many varied situations they find themselves in with their children, which require a wide range of different approaches to handle effectively.

Based in Scripture and enriched by years of application in family counseling, we've identified the seven major traits of parenting, and, in this video series, Dr. Danny Huerta will help you understand and better apply your unique strengths as a parent, and will help you grow in areas in which you may not be as effective as you could be.

Raising Your Teen to be a Resilient Christian

Learn How to Raise Your Teen to be a Resilient Christian

Your teenage son or daughter can live a faithful life in exile surrounded by influences that are far from God.

This FREE series of 8 short videos was created to grow your understanding of the spiritual journeys young people go on, and how you can encourage and disciple them along the way.

How to Respond When Your Kids Ask Tough Questions About God

Learn How to Answer Your Kids' Tough Questions About God

As you share your faith with your children, they'll likely have many, many questions for you.

This free 6-part series "How to Respond When Your Kids Ask Tough Questions About God" will help you better understand the mindset of your child when they ask these questions, give you all the tools needed to answer them, and help you instill in them a curiosity and hunger for the truth.