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Focus on the Family is committed to helping you be a healthy, effective parent. We’ve listed resources below to support you on that journey. 

Parenting Tools

Parenting your child through their teen years is an exciting time. Your child will go through many changes and challenges too. We know you want to guide them and the Launch into the Teen Years video lessons are the perfect tool to help you prepare for this phase of life. 

7 Traits of Effective Parenting

Seven powerful, traits that will help you grow in your parenting journey.

Essential building blocks to equip kids to become healthy, God-honoring adults.

Age & Stage

Tailored parenting content for each age and stage of your child’s life.



Practical, faith-based inspiration through all stages of parenting.

Kids 8-12 years old can laugh and learn about God with this podcast.

Conversations about entertainment, pop culture, and technology from a biblical worldview.


Award-winning, faith-building fun for kids ages 8-12, all while reinforcing traditional values.

Faith-based fun for kids ages 3-7 from this award winning publication.

Encouraging content to strengthen the faith of your teen girl.

Other Resources

Award-winning audio drama that brings biblical principles to life.

Reviews, tips, and more to equip families to navigate technology and entertainment.

Specific, tangible actions students can take to live out their faith in Jesus Christ.

A nationwide, student-led movement to treasure the Bible.

Training for parents and youth leaders to address issues and help prevent teen suicide.

Kids 8-12 will enjoy this action-packed graphic novel about developing a biblical worldview.

Which conflict style do you have? Take this Conflict Styles Quiz and find out!

Learn more about navigating personality differences in your home!


School choice is important to this father and his little girl doing school work together

School Choice for Parents

The school choice that we make for our children can have a significant impact on their desire to learn, as well as, having an impact on their future personal growth and success.

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Parenting Q&A

Grandparenting Resources

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