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We hope they inspire and encourage you to live and grow in your faith with joy! —BRIO


Download or screenshot this delicious recipe to your phone. Then cook Hugs & Kisses Biscuits for your next get-together and enjoy the compliments.

Download or screenshot this yummy recipe to your phone. Then make Snowman’s Delight Hot Chocolate to drink on a cold day and share with family and friends.


Download or screenshot this tasty recipe to your phone. Then toss the ingredients for Teddy Bear Munch together and enjoy the fun flavors.


These Scripture cards are a creative way to help you memorize Psalm 8 and Psalm 23. Get everything you need in this amazing download.

This beginner’s guide to hand lettering will not only take you step by step through how to crate lovely letter art, it also helps you memorize Scripture.

Enjoy the fun of making your own perfume with a handful of friends who also want to make their own perfume. Get instructions and extras to make your party a success.

Use these gift tags to add some Brio fun to your gifts this holiday season! Just cut them out, punch a hole for the ribbon and tag them to your gift.

Prepare for Christmas this year with weekly Advent devotions, Bible readings and DIY ornaments to make for your tree or give as a gift!

Are you ready to go deeper in your Bible reading? Get weekly Scriptures for the first part of this year and directions for meditating on these passages.

Have your friends or family members take this interactive gift quiz to learn the type of gifts they enjoy the most. It will help you get them the perfect gift. (This interactive quiz works on a desktop web browser or by downloading the pdf on a mobile device.)

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