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Fight Back With Joy by Margaret Feinberg 
“Celebrate more. Regret less. Stare down your greatest fear.” Feinberg shares her difficult path through breast cancer and her journey to understand the love, hope, and joy found in Christ.

Jump Off the Hormone Swing: Fly Through the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Symptoms of PMS and Perimenopause   by Lorraine Pintus 
“The most horrible symptoms of hormonal swings are often not the aches in our bodies, but the assaults on our souls that rip our identity and tear at the fabric of our noble calling as women.”

The Lifter of My Head by Sue McRoberts (not currently available through Focus on the Family)
“How God Sustained Me During Postpartum Depression”

Living Beyond Postpartum Depression by Jerusha Clark 
“Help and Hope for the Hurting Mom and Those Around Her”

What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women by Dr. James Dobson 
This book addresses common frustrations of American women and how husbands can provide help and understanding. Topics covered include depression, fatigue, marriage, parenting, finances, and sexual problems.

Breaking Free From Addictions (Sharon Hersh)
Addiction can be defined as any behavior, idea, or relationship that takes God’s place in our life—even “good” things like exercise. Sharing how her own addiction to praise eventually led to alcoholism, Hersh encourages individuals and their families to reach out for help and learn to trust in the lasting love of Christ.

Finding Hope in the Midst of Postpartum Depression (Jerusha Clark) 
Many women experience postpartum depression. Clark offers encouragement and advice in a discussion based on her book Living Beyond Postpartum Depression.

Managing the Impact of PMS and Perimenopause (Lorraine Pintus)
Pintus shares insights from her book Jump off the Hormone Swing. Learn the effects of PMS and perimenopause and how to find practical relief for your body and your soul.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: A Survivor’s Story (Pamela Christian)
This powerful testimony about what the Lord taught Christian through her experience encourages listeners to consider the brevity of life and questions of eternal destiny.

Focus on the Family Counseling Consultation Line
If you need someone to talk to, Focus on the Family offers a free phone counseling consultation with a licensed or pastoral counselor. Call 1-855-771-HELP (4357), Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MT). 

Focus on the Family’s Christian Counselor Network
Search for licensed Christian counselors in your area.

American Heart Association
The AHA is committed to building healthy lives free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Among their causes is “Go Red for Women,” an initiative designed specifically to empower women to take charge of their heart health.

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