All the Colors of Christmas Advent Devotional

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Have you noticed how the Christmas season seems to arrive earlier every year? If shopping centers and radio stations have their way, we'll all soon be gearing up for Christmas before October is over. 

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A recent UK study of internet traffic seemed to confirm this trend: People start thinking about Christmas earlier each year, as early as late August these days. (Of course, now that the season really has arrived, you probably feel behind schedule!)

It's easy to be cynical, that this is all driven by the hyper-commercialization of Christmas. But maybe there's something deeper here. Perhaps we all yearn for something special at Christmas—warmth and joy and happy family memories. Of course, deep down, what humanity really longs for is a Savior. Our culture obscures this point, yet the universal desire for Jesus remains. We ache for His redemption.

Observing Advent

That’s why many Christians have long observed the season of Advent. It’s a time of anticipation and preparation, a time of celebration of Jesus’ coming. Advent is meant to awaken in us a deep yearning for the Messiah—to help us recognize our sinful condition and understand how He comes to free us.

As our culture strays from the real message of Christmas, the tradition of Advent can serve to counter our human tendency to cheapen what is sacred and refocus our attention on Jesus.

Focus on the Family wants to help your family remain centered on Jesus this Christmas season. Our free Advent “All the Colors of Christmas Devotional,” is designed to help parents lead their family through the Advent season and teach their kids about the great story of God introducing Jesus to the world. We hope you enjoy the Christ-centered activities and the exploration of the epic, colorful history of that first Christmas long ago.

Christmas is about warmth, joy and family, and more importantly, what God did for us. As we stand on the cusp of Advent, we pray the Holy Spirit will awaken a wonder in all of us, including our kids, for the incredible gift of Emmanuel—God with us.

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A coloring book and keepsake

This year, Focus on the Family has also created a special All the Colors of Christmas Advent coloring book and devotional. You’ll be able to color and create a family keepsake to treasure for years to come. The All the Colors of Christmas coloring book includes:

• Richly detailed coloring pages 
• 28 days of faith-filled activities
• 28 days of Scripture readings 
• An Advent calendar Christmas tree
• 28 peel-and-stick ornaments

Plus, get a special Christmas Day devotion and star ornament! Buy this Advent calendar now.

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