Photo Illustration of a couple in disagreement

When You and Your Spouse Can't Agree

Perpetual disagreements don't have to derail your marriage. Most unsolvable problems won’t harm your relationship if you have an adequate set of communication skills and follow a few basic principles.

Father talking as he is sitting on the ground with his son and his daughter in his lap

The Power of Teachable Moments

Looking for teachable moments with your child? Marianne Hering offers helpful tips.

Son walking his father in a wheelchair

Caring for Ill or Aging Parents

Taking care of aging parents is one of life's toughest responsibilities. But planning and cooperation will ease the adjustment – for parents and adult children alike.

Free Resource: Religious Freedom

If you’re like a lot of believers, you may be confused by the rapid changes in our culture, laws and court decisions that shake the very foundation of this First Amendment right.

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