Marriages and families are in trouble after the challenges of last year.
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Focus on the Family Internships

We’re passionate about equipping the next generation of Christian leaders to glorify God in their career field. This means founding our internships on both professional and spiritual growth. And while you’re gaining hands on experience, wouldn’t it be even better to spend your weekends adventuring around Colorado? We think so.

With Internships from Marketing to Counseling, Radio Broadcasting to Social Media, we offer valuable experience for a variety of majors. Join us, and 25-30 other interns, to build your resume, create lasting friendships, and strengthen your faith!

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Valuable Experience

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Spiritual Growth

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The Details

Focus on the Family Internships are offered during the summer and last 10 weeks. During those 10 weeks you will spend much of your time in your department, learning and working alongside seasoned professionals. Additionally, interns are involved in weekly inductive Bible study, seminars, and mentorship. And did we mention our camping trip, white-water rafting, and Friday night dinners? We’re serious about building community through weekend trips and outdoor activities.

We are looking for upperclassmen college students who want to use their careers to bring redemption in Christ to the world around them. If this sounds like you, make sure to keep up to date on our job board! While all positions have been filled for Summer 2021, applications for Summer 2022 will post in November 2021. See the FAQs below or email [email protected] for more information.


The internships run from June 1, 2021  – August 6, 2021. Each week your office hours will be Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00, with some of that time dedicated to Bible study and Seminars. We also offer a mid-summer vacation July 1, 2021 – July 5, 2021!

Although interns are not paid hourly, we do give each intern an honorarium! You are free to use your honorarium to offset expenses, such as travel and meals, during the summer as you choose. We also provide daily lunch during the work week, many weekend activities and housing for those who need it!

For students coming from out of state, we can find a Host Home for you to stay with. Host Homes are generous Focus volunteers who want to provide a home away from home for you. They are not expected to provide meals or transportation.

For interns with family in or near Colorado Springs, we expect that you will spend your summer living there.

The first weekend at Focus consists of a group camping trip up in the mountains! We typically plan multiple day trips, white-water rafting, group dinners, and of course the time to relax at home and hunt down the Spring’s best coffee shops.


Yes, each intern is responsible for their own transportation to and from Colorado Springs, as well as the entire time they are in Colorado Springs.

The most important thing to bring is a car! Transportation is the responsibility of each intern. Besides that, a packing list will be sent out in the spring with more details.

While the numbers vary each summer, we typically range from 25-30 interns.

Yes, you are welcome to apply for more than one internship, but if you are interested in multiple we would recommend only applying to two or three. This will help us narrow down what you are interested in and what you should be considered for.

The applications do not have a specific deadline, but are instead open until filled. We recommend applying early as some internships fill very quickly! 

Learn More

For more information, email us or check out our Job Board for available internships!​​

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