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Photo of a man and woman sitting on opposite ends of a couch, taking their wedding rings off. They have decided to separate as allowed in the Bible due to their unhealthy circumstances.

Separation as an Act of Love

While reconciliation is God’s desire for struggling couples, there are all sorts of situations that can bring a marriage to the crisis point — and separation can be an act of love.

Holding Tight Through the Loss of a Child

Steven and Mary Beth Chapman have guided their kids through grief and confusion. They’ve done this by being real and sharing openly as they’ve grappled with their own emotions and unresolved questions.

Avoid Yuletide Tension: Talk About Expectations

Couples often have unspoken expectations about the Christmas season — and that’s where the problems begin. Unfortunately, each person might think his or her way of celebrating the holidays is “right.”

Steven and Mary Beth Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman: Beauty in the Brokenness

The Chapmans are celebrating 32 years of marriage. Steven and Mary Beth met in college and married young. But married life was much harder than Steven had anticipated.

Two photos side-by-side, one of a mom reading to her daughter, the other a mom saying bye to her boy as she leaves for work

Stay-at-Home Moms vs. Working Moms

Stay-at-home moms and work-outside-the-house moms need each other.

Family: What’s the Point?

One man journeys around the world in search of God’s plan for family.

Portrait of Al and Lisa Robertson

Al and Lisa Robertson: Rebuilding After an Affair

Al and Lisa Robertson talked with Focus on the Family about their journey from devastation to forgiveness, and how they’re now committed to helping other couples rebuild their relationship after an affair.

Al and Lisa Robertson Share Wisdom for Young Couples

Al and Lisa Robertson, of A&E’s hit television show “Duck Dynasty,” share words of wisdom with newly married couples trying to build a solid relationship amid the responsibilities of building a career, buying a home and starting a family.

Timothy and Kathy Keller on Marriage

As our culture’s view of marriage has grown increasingly pessimistic, more and more couples have chosen to move in together instead of exchanging vows. But is cohabitation really a better option?

Dave Ramsey: Raising Money-Smart Kids

Dave’s message of financial hope has grown his corporation Lampo Group Inc. from a card table in his living room to a multimillion-dollar company. 

Two-and-a-Half Hours With Audrey

Celebrating life in the shadow of death

A group of seven women engaging each other in multiple conversations

Why Your Friends Matter to Your Marriage

Women are drawn to the company of other women, and your marriage is affected by the friends you choose to spend time with. Which of your girlfriends help to make you a better wife?

Married couple smiling while surrounded by their kids

Finishing Strong: Marriage and “The Amazing Race”

Marcus and Amani Pollard learned early that if either had an issue, they needed to talk about the problem and move on. These communication skills have helped build respect for each other.

Show Kids How to Appreciate Their Pastor

Celebrate Clergy Appreciation Month by teaching your kids to show gratitude to your family’s pastor.

Feelings Will Change

On average, the high of new love lasts approximately two years, and then every couple has to work toward a deeper sense of emotional love.

Introduction: Hope for the Separated

While reconciliation is God’s desire for struggling couples, there are all sorts of situations that can bring a marriage to the crisis point. Dr. Gary Chapman offers hope and help for the separated.

Serious-looking family sitting on large bed, with the couple sitting on opposite ends and two young kids lying in the middle

Parenting During Separation

When a couple reaches the point of separation, the entire situation gets further complicated when children are involved.

Troubled young couple standing apart outside, with focus on him in the background and her face blurry in the foreground

When Separation is the Beginning of the End

What if reconciliation proves to be impossible and divorce is inevitable? Dr. Gary Chapman offers hope to individuals starting again on their own. 

Woman looking intensely over a black covered book.

Erotica, Women and Marriage

We may stereotypically think of sexual temptation as a man’s problem, but women are not immune to the lure of romance depicted in new and graphic forms of entertainment.

A woman stands at the ocean with her arms open wide.

Finding Freedom from Erotica

How can you break free from the entrapment of erotica? Here are five steps.


Black and White vs. Shades of Grey

If God’s Word is clear about some basic black-and-white sexual issues, what’s a believer to do with the shades of grey that are redefining sex in our culture?

Teen Rebellion

What is rebellion, why is my teen struggling, and what can I do to help?

Teen-Fueled Tension in Marriage

Parenting teens provides a new set of conflicts for couples: debates over discipline, respect, privileges, responsibilities, media choices and dating boundaries.