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Paul White

Dr. Paul White is a Christian psychologist who addresses work-related issues. Along with Dr. Gary Chapman, he has co-authored The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

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Preparing Your Teen for the Work World

Discover a personal story about teens and the modern work world. Training teens for the work world requires a strong emphasis on work ethic, developing social skills, and guidance on the biblical perspective on work. Finally, strengthen your teen’s work ethic through these tips and strategies.

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What to Do When Your Job is Killing You

Drs. Gary Chapman and Paul White help men and women recognize toxic work environments and understand how they affect them mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They also address the impact it has on their families. They equip listeners to establish healthy boundaries, as well as empower them if they need to leave harmful jobs.

How Mobile Devices Ruin Your Vacation

When your family is on vacation, who is more distracted by technology — the kids or parents? Here are some tips to help you focus on your family and fun.