Susan Alexander Yates

For 11 years Susan Alexander Yates was the regular Parent Columnist for Today’s Christian Woman Magazine. She speaks nationally and internationally on marriage, parenting and women’s issues. She is the author of 13 books and has contributed to several others.

A photo of grandparents and family bonding around a tent in the forest.

A Band of Cousins – Encouraging Family Bonding

Give your grandkids shared experiences to help them build stronger bonds with one another.

Responsible kids are taught like this young girl working in the garden with her mother.

Responsible Kids Don’t Just Happen

I love when unexpected moments offer a great “Ah-ha!” It happened after I’d been doing laundry all day and still wasn’t finished. With five children, my dirty-clothes pile multiplied daily. As I began to sort my teenage son’s T-shirts, I realized with …

The Value of Integrity

You can encourage your teens to not only tell the truth, but also value integrity.

Christmas and the In-Laws

As you juggle family expectations, experiencing a Christmas of real peace can be difficult. Talk ahead of time with your spouse, discussing solutions and compromises before the in-laws arrive.