Train Them Up

Cultural mores of casual sex, violence and relativism are redefining the traditional family, so Christian parents have an even tougher job of training their children in the ways of God, passing along their faith to the next generation.

I've tried, you're probably thinking, but it just isn't working. My kids dread Bible times. How are they ever going to understand the reality of faith and Christ's salvation?

In a recent Focus on the Family survey, spiritual training was reported as one of the top three issues with which parents need help. Building a spiritual heritage takes a bit of planning, effort and creativity, but the most important thing is to make it meaningful.

Everyday experiences are a good place to start. You can use mealtimes, homework, games and such to teach biblical principles to your children. Still feeling a bit wary? The Heritage Builders ministry is available to spark your imagination and give you all the tools you need for passing faith on in these core areas:

Family Moments: Creating special, teachable moments with children is a precious, yet difficult, responsibility. But parents can capture moments throughout the day to teach and impress biblical principles on their children. Instead of listening to a secular radio station in the car, how about turning on a Christian station or playing a Bible song tape? When reading to your children at bedtime, choose a Bible story instead of a library book.

Family Fragrance: If your home is filled with tension and chaos, it would be difficult for spiritual values to be taught or caught. But if your home environment is sweet and restful, it's more fertile ground for spiritual training. Heritage Builders encourages parents to create a home that fosters a Christ-centered AROMA through Affection, Respect, Order, Merriment and Affirmation.

Family Traditions: Whether you pass down stories, beliefs and/or customs, traditions can help you establish a special identity for your family. Heritage Builders encourages parents to set special milestones to help guide their children through spiritual development.

Family Compass: Ever had someone give you directions by saying, "Go north eight miles, then east five miles" when you had no idea which way was which? Parents have the unique task of setting standards for normal, healthy living through their attitudes, actions and beliefs, which give children the moral navigation tools they need to succeed on the roads of life

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