Pregnant, Scared, and Overwhelmed

The emotions you're feeling are understandable. Any woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant is going to feel anxious and overwhelmed. The first thing you need to do is resist the temptation to panic. There's no reason to think that you can't come to terms with the reality of your situation – millions of women have done it before you. Meanwhile, remember that this is a situation that involves two precious human lives: your baby's and your own. There's too much at stake to resort to haste. So slow down and take a deep breath.

After that, we'd encourage you to sit down with someone you trust – your pastor, your parents, a family member, or a good friend – and share your concerns and anxieties with them. Remember that you're not alone. Begin to build a support network that will be able to help you walk through the decisions and challenges that lie ahead.

Whatever your circumstances, you can be absolutely certain that the practical help you need is available. Local Pregnancy Resource Centers are an excellent place to find help and assistance. For referrals to PRCs in your area, we suggest you visit the OptionLine website. This site offers a great deal of useful information about issues related to unplanned pregnancy, including a section entitled "Find a Center." You can also find a list of PRCs by looking under "Abortion Alternatives" in the yellow pages of your phone directory. We think you'll find that the women who staff these centers are caring, non-judgmental, and in an excellent position to provide additional counsel.

For further information, we also recommend that you visit the Pre-Born Child page of our website. You may find it helpful to view the video Choice of a Lifetime which will provide you with solid information about fetal development and abortion risks as well as life-affirming options for responding to a surprise pregnancy.

Above all else, we want to remind you of the value of the precious life you're carrying in your womb. You will want to keep this in mind as you try to determine what is in the best interest of you and your baby. When contemplating life decisions of this magnitude, it can be helpful to talk through the various options with an objective third party. If you'd like to speak personally with one of our counselors, feel free to give us a call. One of our licensed professionals would be more than happy to discuss your questions with you over the phone.


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