Information and Referral to Focus on the Family Marriage Ministries

Does Focus on the Family offer marriage retreats and conferences for couples?

Yes we do. Focus on the Family is able to provide a wide range of programs designed to effectively address and minister to the needs of couples experiencing both healthy and hurting marriages.

For those couples in the midst of a marital crisis, we recommend Focus on the Family’s
Hope Restored: A Marriage Intensive Experience. Conducted in a retreat setting and under the guidance of a team of highly trained and caring therapists, this 3-6 day program has proven highly successful in bringing hope, healing, and restoration to even the most distressed and desperate marriages.

Focus on the Family also offers
marriage retreats and conferences for couples seeking to enhance and grow closer in their relationship. These events differ from our intensives in that they are geared toward marriage enrichment and fostering a deeper level of intimacy and understanding between a husband and wife. These gatherings, held at the beautiful Focus on the Family Retreat Center in Branson, provide the option of three unique themes and experiences from which couples can choose.

For further information about any of our marriage intensive and enrichment programs, please visit our
website or call toll free at (866) 875-2915. We’d be happy to assist you in any we can.

Have You Lost Hope in Your Marriage?

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