Are Kids Raised in Same-sex Homes Just Like Kids Raised by Mom and Dad?

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Unsplash: Jessica To'oto'O
Strong and reliable research show this widely reported “fact” is far from it.

In nearly all the recent court cases supporting the so-called “same-sex family”, judges will cite a conclusion widely and uncritically reported in the mainstream press that children raised in same-sex homes do just as well in all measures of child-development and well-being as those raised by their mom and dad. It has become known as the “no difference” conclusion among scholars and advocates. The only thing is it’s not true. Mom and dad do matter.

In this article for Citizen Magazine, Glenn T. Stanton carefully details recent sociological research on the many serious differences that exist between children raised in gay and lesbian homes and those of various other types, including married mom and dad homes.

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