Reliable Resources for Teaching Children About Marriage, Sexuality and Homosexuality

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Here are resources to give guidance and equip you as you teach your children about homosexuality, healthy sexuality and marriage.

The following resources will give guidance and equip you as you teach your children about homosexuality, healthy sexuality and marriage. They also offer information, advice and support for responding to your child’s school when controversial sexual topics are discussed. Also listed are resources for those looking for deeper answers and help when facing the issues of homosexuality and gender confusion in the family, church or culture.

Please note that many of these resources deal with sensitive and difficult issues and may contain content for mature readers. Referrals to resources not produced by Focus on the Family are for informational purposes and do not necessarily constitute an endorsement of all of a resource’s contents.

Articles and Downloadable Resources 

The Foundation of Marriage, by Jeff Johnston

This article explains what Jesus said about marriage and leads to other articles about the importance of marriage and family for moms, dads, children and society.

God’s Design for Sexuality, by Jeff Johnston

Johnston succinctly explains for students and parents what the Bible says about sexuality and marriage.

Resource List: Homosexuality Resource List

A helpful list, from Focus on the Family, of books, CDs, websites and referrals about homosexuality.

The Talk: Healthy Sexuality Education—Basic Goals and Guidance from Focus on the Family by Geremy F. Keeton, LMFT

This free, downloadable resource, created by Focus on the Family’s counseling staff, helps parents educate their children about sexuality. It gives objectives and methods for talking with children of all ages.

Teach Your Children about Marriage, Parts One and Two, by Jeff Johnston

This free, two-part downloadable resource explains God’s design for marriage, gives practical suggestions for modelling healthy marriage to your children and offer lots of ideas for discussion.

Teaching Kids the Truth About Male and Female, by Jeff Johnston

Drawing from his own struggles, the author gives helpful advice for parents who want to talk to their kids about masculinity and femininity.

Why Male and Female Matter, by Jeff Johnston

This introduces a series of short articles, for students and their parents, which discuss the importance of humanity being created male and female in the image of God.


The Focus on the Family Guide to Talking with Your Kids about Sex, edited by J. Thomas Fitch and David Davis

Drawing from Scripture and the latest research, Fitch and Davis provide solid insights to help you discuss sex candidly and confidently with your children at every age and stage in their development.

The Gay Gospel? How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible, by Joe Dallas

Joe Dallas experienced firsthand the deception of the “gay gospel” and provides the tools to lovingly communicate truth to those who have adopted this false teaching.

Is God Anti-gay? And Other Questions About Homosexuality, The Bible, and Same-Sex Attraction, by Sam Allberry

This short, readable book explains clearly and simply what we can say with certainty from the Bible about marriage, sexuality and same-sex attraction.

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness: How Jesus Heals the Homosexuality, by Andrew Comiskey

Comiskey offers a biblical understanding of homosexuality to address causes of brokenness and the processes of repentance, overcoming addiction and restoration.

Secure Daughters, Confident Sons, by Glenn Stanton

Discover why gender plays such a vital role in raising children into healthy adults. Stanton’s enlightening guide clears up cultural confusion surrounding gender identity and explains how parents can help shape their children’s understanding of what it means to be a man or woman.

When Homosexuality Hits Home: What to Do When a Loved One Says They’re Gay, by Joe Dallas

Dallas explains how to blend compassion and conviction as you learn about homosexuality, the struggles your loved one may have faced, and steps you can take to strengthen your relationship.


Day of Dialogue and Facebook—Day of Dialogue

Do your teens want to get involved in discussions with other students about important faith-related topics? These are two terrific websites with lots of articles, videos, FAQs, encouragement and other resources to engage and equip students, pastors, youth leaders and parents.

Focus on the Family – Social Issues

This is a place you can connect the dots between your faith and the social issues you hear about in the news or in your community, so you’ll be prepared to share your beliefs in a courageous, honest and winsome fashion.

Restored Hope Network

This coalition of Christian ministries reaches out to those who struggle with homosexuality. They also offer support to families, friends and churches of those with same-sex attractions.

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