Building Hedges Around Your Marriage

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A hedge is a protective investment that will help your relationship to flourish like never before.

Hedges. You probably don’t spend much time thinking about them. Bills? Yes. Work? Yes. The kids? Yes. But not hedges. What comes to mind when you think of one, anyway? A hedge fund? A hedgehog? An oddly-shaped row of bushes awkwardly leveled-off at the top, prickly and just about as appealing as a bad haircut?

While a hedge might not be what your property needs, it is what your marriage needs. When we talk about building a hedge in your marriage, we’re actually talking about constructing a mutually protective investment that will allow your marriage to flourish like never before.

The series of articles that follows will explore the concept of “hedging” your marriage — what it means, why you should do it, and how to go about it.

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