Ready to Wed

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The Ready To Wed™ resource kit is here to help you build a marriage that you’ll love.


First off, let us say congratulations on your engagement! We know the months leading up to your wedding day is filled with several different decisions. Often times the worry of colors, bridesmaid/groomsmen, and floral arrangements can take away from the entire reason you are planning your wedding.  However, out of all the advice you'll be offered during this time, the best advice will be to work on your marriage before you ever say, “I do!”

Did you know you are 30% less likely to get a divorce if you get some sort of premarital training?

We have assembled trusted Christian experts for the new Ready to Wed™ Engaged Couples Curriculum. 

The Ready to Wed™ Engaged Couples kit features an engaging 10-session DVD series, a leader’s guide, two copies of the couple’s workbook, and the humorous and insightful Ready to Wed book co-authored by Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley, along with other marriage experts.

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