An older husband and wife sit on their front steps together and smile at the camera.


Lifewise: Rethinking Retirement

Daniel P. Huerta , Wilford Wooten , James Groesbeck , Steve Johnson , and Jim Ware

As we reach retirement age, the temptation is to think our time is finally our own. But what if God has something else in mind for us during this new life stage?

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Man using a chop saw



Are you an empty nester who is ready to volunteer? 

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Mom and Grandma are hold a child, and all are looking in the same direciton


When Mothers and Grandmothers Parent Children Together

Joannie DeBrito, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT

Some mothers coparent their kids with their own mothers. Through cooperation, these women can encourage healthy development in their children and grandchildren.

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Unhappy senior couple, wife in foreground


Lifewise Faith: Avoiding Bitterness, Finding Forgiveness

Daniel P. Huerta

It is dangerous for you when you don’t choose to forgive others.

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Multiigenerational family happily looks at each other outdoors


Leaving a Legacy: Making a Memory

Daniel P. Huerta and Jim Ware

Leaving a legacy isn’t a choice. The kind of legacy you leave, though, is up to you.

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Focus on the Family Broadcast


Being a Champion to Your Grandkids

Carey Casey, CEO of the National Center for Fathering, explains how grandfathers can utilize their unique role to have a positive and lasting influence on their grandchildren in a discussion based on his new book, Championship Grandfathering: How to Build a Winning Legacy.

Girl kissing her grandfather on the cheek


Kids and Their Grandparents

Cheri Fuller

Grandparents are needed today more than ever — not only to support fatigued parents, but also to be trusted allies who provide a much-needed sense of stability, security and unconditional love to kids.

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Mature woman wearing glasses writing in journal sitting on sofa


Connecting Through Prayer

Tammy Kennington

Knowing my grandmother was supporting me in prayer made all the difference. Despite the miles between us, her constant prayers drew us closer and gave me assurance that I wasn't alone.

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Easing Your Family’s Concerns About Adoption

Jayne Schooler

When Grandma and Grandpa don’t share your vision for adoption.

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Michael W. Smith looking to his right


Michael W. Smith: Grammy Winner and Grandfather

Jeremy V. Jones

Michael W. Smith has been called a Grammy winner, American Music Award winner, Dove Award winner, artist of the year, songwriter of the year, producer of the year and Smitty. But his favorite title just might be G-Daddy. That's what Michael's 11 grandchildren call him.

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Grandmother and teenage granddaughter on a bridge in a forest


Grandma Camp

Ruth Alewine Page

Each evening we pray with the girls. We talk with our heavenly Father, knowing He loves our granddaughters and has a wonderful purpose for their lives.

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