10 Ways Physicians can Assist a Local Pregnancy Medical Clinic in Making an Impact for Life

Smiling doctor with arms folded standing in front of his colleagues

From a simple visit to regular volunteering your time, there are plenty of ways that pro-life physicians can support local pregnancy centers in their life-saving mission. Here are 10 suggestions:

  1. Accept (or initiate) an invitation to meet with the director and/or nurse manager when they call, in order to learn more about the vision of their pregnancy resource center (PRC) or pregnancy medical clinic (PMC).
  2. Ask the director to arrange for you to spend part or all of a day at the PRC/PMC, caring for clients and helping them understand their options based on good medical information. This will enable you to see firsthand the services offered. In addition, your presence will greatly encourage the staff – especially if you set aside some time to hear from them about their specific roles at the clinic.
  3. Influence medical students and residents through your example. Take them to a PRC/PMC to familiarize them with the services and needs. Instill an understanding of the mission field that exists right outside their door!
  4. Give to the PRC/PMC ministry in your community, knowing that these dollars will translate into lives saved and souls saved. Host a table at their annual support banquet.
  5. Offer referral slips to patients in your practice who might be abortion-vulnerable, offering them a free ultrasound examination and further counseling about their options at the nearest center, which has no financial interest in their decision.
  6. Donate a certain number of hours for your practice to care for an abortion-vulnerable client in need of follow-up care. Your influence could help her make a life-affirming decision!
  7. Make an appointment with the nurse manager at the PRC/PMC to learn about in-service training you could provide for their staff and volunteers – or opportunities for public speaking on medical issues.
  8. Offer to lead a devotion with the center staff and/or board members on the topic of why the sanctity of human life is essential to your medical philosophy. Offer to pray for abortion-vulnerable clients on a regular basis.
  9. Arrange a tour of the PRC/PMC for your colleagues so that you can help heighten awareness of life-affirming services available to the medical community.
  10. Finally, volunteer your time directly at the PRC/PMC. Help save a baby! Protect women's health. Help spiritually transform lives. Get involved in something only God can accomplish!

Thanks to Dr. Scott Stringfield for his ideas and professional example.

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